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Have an Amazon Return QR Code?:

Amazon return shipping uses a QR code, instructing you to take your return with the QR code to a UPS store for a quick and easy scan  where the label will be printed for you.  That will work only if you take it to one of the UPS stores located in Franklin or Waynesville.

However, you can "Email a Friend"

We are your friend at Eagle Pack and Ship.  Have your shipping label emailed to us.  Email the label to  Our service is only $2.  Plus, it will save you a trip from going to Franklin or Waynesville.


Already have a QR code?

Step 1:  Cancel the return in Amazon and restart it.

Step 2:  Change your label selection to "Email a Friend"

Step 3:  Have the email sent to


Then bring your package to us.  We will print off your label and you will be done.  It is that simple.


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